This is why you should sleep on linen bedding all year round

Linen and summer just go together. Whether it’s over swimwear and seen sauntering along an Italian coastline, or between the sheets, linen has long been considered a lightweight, airy fabric making it the perfect summer staple. And while this is true, what many people don’t realise is the fact that it’s also cosy, comforting all year-round, and here’s why.

Linen breathes
While many people opt for flannel sheets in the cooler months, the density and warmth can raise the body temperature to the point where you find you’re still waking up in sweats (even on those chilly mornings). Year round, linen sheets promote airflow eliminating the nightly sweats, and they absorb 50 per cent more moisture than cotton. 

It adapts to your body temperature
Unlike cotton or other bedding fibres, linen is woven from the flax plant. Uniquely, the fibres have a hollow core meaning it promotes air flow and acts as a natural insulator: adapting and regulating the body’s temperature, whether that’s cooling in summer or warming and winter. 

It creates a cosy space
Linen and layering are happy bedfellows. Unlike other fabrics, the natural texture and gentle fold of linen lends itself to clever layering to create an inviting and cozy hideaway. Add an air of luxury to your bedroom by teaming two pairs of different coloured pillowcases, as well as a throw at the foot of the bed. Dark toned bed linen can also bring a sense of warmth to an otherwise summery bedroom.