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"Linen not only looks great, it's perfect for warm summer nights, feels great on your skin and gets softer and more beautiful with age."
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"The luxury of linen lies not only in being a stylish choice of bedding - it may help you get a better night's sleep, too."

"Bondi-based R & R Bedding takes 100% French linen one step further with matching personalised pillowcases, embroidered with whatever you damn well please."
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"New Bondi-based lifestyle brand R&R Bedding offers something beyond your usual washed-white or bone linen sheets - and that would be customisation."
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"I looooove linen and I love monogramming so new brand R & R Bedding caught my eye this week. I love their more modern font. I also love their 'Bonne Nuit' pillowcase set which you could easily add in white to what’s already on your bed."
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